Gifted & Talented app Department

The app District is committed to the belief that each student has a right to receive an education based on their individual needs. Gifted students are entitled to a differentiated curriculum consisting of courses of study in which the content, teaching strategies and expectations of student mastery are appropriately modified to further develop students’ strengths and provide them with the opportunities to reach their fullest potential. In accordance with this philosophy, app District uses the Advanced Content model for gifted students in grades K-12.

Gifted Program Philosophy

In agreement with Georgia Board of app’s philosophy and in accordance with Houston County’s mission to “produce high achievement for all through continuous growth,” the Houston County Gifted Program recognizes the differentiated needs of gifted-identified students by providing opportunities designed to accelerate, enrich, and extend their learning experiences. Learning is enhanced through the use of materials, tasks, and experiences differentiated in environment, content, process, and/or product.


Gifted Program Mission

Our mission is to identify, serve, and support exceptional students.


Gifted Program Vision

Our vision is for exceptional students to be successful in life. 


Gifted Program Values

~app provides an opportunity for all individuals to reach their fullest potential.

~All students have a right to educational experiences that challenge their individual development.

~Differentiated instruction (environment, content, process, product) provides accelerated, enriched, and extended instruction that enhances learning and maximizes student potential. 

~Stimulating and expanding our students intellectual and cultural horizons prepares them for leadership roles in a global community. 

~Meeting the emotional and social needs of our students is vital to their success. 

Gifted Testing Forms

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Awards and Recognitions

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Houston County app Assistance Fund ~ on behalf of Manoj H. Shah Family

Staff Directory:   

     Ms. Olethia Thomas                      

Director of Gifted app

Coordinator of Fine Arts/AP

  478-988-6200, ext. 3450




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