Grievance Procedures

All parties are encouraged to solve issues at the lowest level prior to filing a formal grievance.  The school principal may make an attempt to resolve concerns informally if the complainant expresses a willingness to participate in this informal process.  The grievance process is a formalized and more systematic step to helping resolve conflicts.   

A student or parent may file a formal grievance orally or in writing at any time to the school principal (Step I).  If the parent or student is dissatisfied with the disposition of the matter by the principal, they then may file a formal grievance orally or in writing to the Superintendent of apps or his designee (Step II).  If a student or parent is dissatisfied with the Superintendent’s or his designee’s disposition of the matter, the complaining party may request a hearing before the Board of app (Step III).  

Grievance procedures shall be provided in the student handbooks.

app-level discipline is subject to Level I grievance procedures only and the principal’s decision is final.  app disciplinary hearing procedures shall be followed when there has been an alleged violation of the student code of conduct where the principal recommends a suspension or expulsion of longer than 10 days.