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Tom Walmer, Director of Transportation

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2024-2025 Bus Route Information

We will have 2024-2025 bus routes posted on our website mid to late July. If you have a student that is new to our district or moving up in grades to a new school, please call our main transportation office to see if there is already an established stop near your address.

All students must be registered to be eligible for Transportation and to be active in our Here Comes the Bus software program. All students should have signed up for Bus Ridership with their teachers last year. If you are unsure if they were signed up, please check with the Transportation Department.

Eligibility for Transportation

Under regular operating conditions, only bonafide students of the app System are eligible for school bus transportation. app bus drivers will deny admittance onto the school bus of any individual who does not have prior approval of the Superintendent of apps or a delegate.

Each student eligible for school bus transportation shall be assigned to a particular bus route and shall ride the bus assigned to that route unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent or designee.

apps riding buses shall live a minimum of one and one-half miles from the school they attend; however, under certain conditions, the Board may make an exception to this rule (children with various disabilities, etc.). All exceptions are handled on the merits of the individual case. apps who are attending schools outside of their zones of residence are denied school bus transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Board policy permits transportation for all students who live more than one and one-half miles from their assigned school. Transportation for special needs students will be provided as indicated on the student's Individual app Plan (IEP).

Additional information regarding app Transportation Management can be found in HCBOE .

Bus stops are assigned by the nearest practical route. Stops are designated by the Transportation Department and are placed at specific locations based on distance to the next stop and safety of the location for pickup and drop-off. Normally, stops are placed at least one-tenth of a mile apart and at intersections. Bus drivers cannot change bus stops. Any requests for changes or additional stops must be made through the Transportation Department. A staff member will survey the area and notify the parent of the decision. This procedure usually takes a minimum of 5 business days.
If you are new to the district or your child is new to riding the bus and your address is eligible for bus transportation, please call 478-329-2218 Extension 0 (zero) to ensure a stop has been established near your home.

If you wish to have a stop established, please call 478-329-2218 Extension 0 (zero) and leave a message with the following information:

  • Parent/Guardian Name & Contact Number
  • Child's Name & app
  • Primary Address (Must be same address that is listed in the student's record with Central Registration.)
If you need information for your child that requires Special Needs Assistance, please contact the Special Needs Department at 478-329-2218.
Based on their home address, each student eligible for school bus transportation shall be assigned to a particular bus route and bus stop and shall ride the bus assigned to that route. Changes in stop locations or bus assignments based on personal preferences or child care are not allowed. No bus passes allowing children to temporarily ride other buses will be approved.
apps should be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled pickup time. Once a bus has departed a stop at the designated time, it must proceed to the next scheduled stop before picking up students. Safety factors prohibit drivers from making unscheduled stops to pick up latecomers.
Traffic situations or mechanical breakdowns occur from time to time, causing buses to run late. If there is a delay of more than 20 minutes, parents will be notified by an automated telephone call.

apps shall:

  • respect themselves and the rights of others;
  • follow the driver's directions the first time they are given;
  • stay in their seats;
  • keep all body parts and objects in the bus;
  • refrain from pushing, shoving or fighting; and
  • refrain from eating, drinking, chewing gum, smoking or spitting.

Riders are to adhere to HCBOE , governing student conduct.

The bus driver has complete charge over the students on the bus. The rules of conduct are posted on each bus, and the driver reviews them with the students at the beginning of each school year. apps who continue to violate the rules will be referred to their principal. The principal has the ultimate responsibility to discipline students whose bus behavior is dangerous or inappropriate. The principal may suspend a student's riding privilege if deemed necessary.

Additional information regarding Bus Conduct can be found in HCBOE .

Safety standards require that no students bring on the bus any article which might create a hazard. Such articles include weapons of any kind, breakable or sharp objects, balloons, animals or insects. Band instruments and school projects may be transported if they can be held in the student's lap. Items that take up space needed for other students or that block the aisle or emergency door may not be transported.

Our District has an outstanding safety record. All first-time school bus drivers in Houston County successfully complete a minimum of 44 hours of training, to include 12 hours in a classroom, 8 hours of bus inspection and 24 hours of behind-the-wheel training. Additionally, all drivers receive annual safety training from our staff as well as from the Georgia Department of app. All drivers must possess a Georgia Commercial Driver’s License with Passenger and app Bus endorsements.

Additional information regarding Transportation Safety can be found in HCBOE .

Many questions can be answered at the schools. Each school has a copy of its bus schedules, and bus routes are posted on the Bus Routes page. The Transportation Department may be contacted at 478-329-2218. Concerns about student discipline should be referred to the school principal.

Links and Other Information

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Transportation Staff

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Director of Transportation
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Route Coordinator
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Special Needs Coordinator
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Route Coordinator
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Route Coordinator
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Fleet Manager
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Transportation Dispatcher
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Special Needs Secretary
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Payroll Secretary
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Transportation Dispatcher
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Route Coordinator
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Route Specialist
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